IxDF Journey Mapping Course

Designed, created and shipped a 6-week course on Journey Mapping that became one of the IxDF’s top 3, with over 8k students in the first 6 months.

Journey mapping course on an iPad
Case study snapshot. Full version available by request.


Hundreds of Members requested a Journey Mapping course, and journey mapping articles, topic definitions were among our top 5 external traffic generators.


Designed, produced and shipped a 6-week journey mapping course.


  • John, Copy Editor
  • Gustavo, Video
  • Matt, Contributor
  • Indi, Contributor
  • Kai, Contributor


  • Research—Surveys of 1,300 members, Interviews with 5 members.
  • Definition—Course journey map, learning outcomes, contributors, budget.
  • Design—Wrote text, assessments, exercises, video storyboards and scripts.
  • Documentation—Rewrote editorial guidelines for new course format.


Shipped the course in November of 2021. It is among the 3 most popular courses on the platform with 8,000+ enrollments.