RideAmigos Admin Interface Redesign

design / prototyping / user testing

Redesign to allow Admins to easily navigate, manage and report on users and programs in any network

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Administrators of the RideAmigos platform manage permissions and programs for their commuters by grouping them into simple networks and sub-networks. New features like cascading permissions and the ability to add sub-administrators and new uses of networks to represent entire companies or regions made navigation very difficult and error-inducing for Adminstrators.

The Solution

The solution was to redesign the entire Admin interface, beginning with user research, prototyping and testing. The end result

  • Ensures that an Administrator can easily find, manage and report on users and programs in any network
  • Enables our company to enter a new market of large, multi-organizational customers

My Role

My role was to guide this project from initial discovery to completion. I conducted the user research and testing, the design and prototyping, and collaborated with our developers on the final specifications.


Cognitive walkthrough of interface
A remote cognitive walkthrough
  • A series of remote cognitive walkthroughs with Admin users to understand their use of the system and Network-related pain points
  • Deep dives with our dev team into the technical architecture of our Network data and transaction models
  • Meetings with our Business Development and Technology leadership about future use cases for Networks


  • Our Business Development and Technology leadership identified the eventual goal of using the new navigation for all Admin functions
  • A deep dive into our data models revealed a non-strict hierarchy, making standard hierarchical (e.g., breadcrumbs) navigation difficult or impossible
  • Administrators found it difficult to keep track of their network context, often leading to errors. They also found it difficult to see aggregate network data like user counts, CO2 savings, or rewards.


Testing and Iteration

Cognitive walkthrough of interface
The new interface is now live for all RideAmigos customers

The updated interface was first implemented in May of 2020. Testing with stakeholders and iterations are ongoing.